Frequently Asked Questions

Elder Keepers is a private care management service. This means that our geriatric care managers and healthcare advocates help you to do things like… find extra support at home, manage your medical conditions, communicate more effectively with your providers, and fill out healthcare-related paperwork. We do not function as medical providers and this service does not replace routine medical care.

No. We are care coordinators. We will help you to find any hands-on service providers that you may need. For instance, we will help you find a visiting nurse or a personal care assistant (PCA).

No. Currently, this necessary service is not recognized by the health insurance companies as reimbursable, but we hope that one day it will be.

You can book a one-time consultation with us and the price ranges from $75-$180 depending on the length of time on the phone or if the consultation is done in-person. If you opt to have service, we offer affordable monthly plans or an hourly rate.

We do not have a physical office location. Our service is completely mobile and our geriatric care managers and healthcare advocates come to you. We will meet you wherever you are from home to hospital, and anywhere in between.

We can readily provide access to staff who speak Haitian and Portuguese Creole. We can provide assistance in Spanish, too.

Yes. We service the greater Boston area, the North and South Shores, and many other surrounding towns. As you can imagine, the care needs in each area can be quite different and we are able to support most, if not all.

We are open 24/7, this includes weekends and holidays. If you are contacting us for the first time, you can expect a response from someone on our team within 24-48 hours. If you are an established client, you will have direct access to our team/your dedicated team member whenever you need it.

No. Please DO NOT call us first if you are experiencing a medical emergency. Call 911 or present to the nearest emergency department. When you are stable, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you.

Yes. Much of the service we provide can be done over the phone or other technology. This is actually preferred with COVID-19.

Yes. The ability to do this however is limited by COVID-19 restrictions and you will have to check with your providers to see if this is allowed. If not allowed, we are happy to be available to support you by phone at the time of your appointment.

Yes. You will need to give consent to allow them to communicate directly with us in your absence. Most times, this consent is not necessary because we are either with you in-person or on the phone with you during your appointments.

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our collaborative model of care. We also believe that everyone on your care team must be on the same page to provide you with the best care.

Yes. Seniors (65+) are near and dear to our hearts, but we service all adults (18+).

We can be reached via the contact page on our website www.elderkeepers.com, email support@elderkeepers.com, or phone (781) 493-2761.

You can schedule a consultation right from our website. Just click the blue “Schedule time with me” button and you will be prompted to schedule a time on our calendar and provide applicable payment.

Service can begin right away. If you opt to have the monthly plan, the cost will be prorated if the start date is not on the first of the month. With the hourly rate option, you will pay as you go and usage will be deducted from a deposit.

Right now, most services are provided virtually. If service is provided in-person, we maintain a six-foot social distance and wear face coverings. If we are meeting you in your home, our geriatric care managers and healthcare advocates will also wear a face shield.

Yes. We can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Please be sure to follow us ☺

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